Our Story

Where it all Started

The story of Wispe starts with three brothers. In 2009 Jerrit, Jitze and Remko Vellenga decided that after 100 years the old Amsterdam district Weesp should have it’s own brand of beer again.

2008  |  Family Business 

Finding many challenges on our way, it was never certain that our dream of having our own brewery would ever be transferred from a paper beermat to a stainless steel reality.

It all started in 2008, when our passion for craft beer became a family business. We rented the services of a brewery to introduce our first beer: the Wispe Blond. We stuck the labels onto the bottles by hand and we drove many a mile to deliver the boxes of beer to our first customers. Those days are far behind us now.

2013  |  100.000 bottles of Wispe

What started out as a hobby, soon became a professional beer brand that is now sold all over the Netherlands. In 2013, the hundred thousandth bottle of Wispe beer was sold. But the growth also presented us with some difficulties.

By now, we spent every free hour, next to our regular job, on Wispe. Operating under pressure, we brothers were forced to clearly divide tasks and responsibilities.

What ultimately drives us, is to brew beautiful beers together, as brothers, and to conquer the Netherlands. We introduced more styles of Wispe beers. And in 2015 we sold one hundred thousand bottles within a year.

Since we needed more and more capacity, we were often forced to rent the services of yet another brewery. It was a challenge to keep producing the same original flavours using different kettles. The desire to take things into our own hands kept growing.

2015  |  Our own Church

Now that our dream gets bigger and bigger, the story continues. After years of brewing at some of the best breweries in the Netherlands, we decided that it is time to create our own space. In 2015, we found the perfect location to open up our own brewery: the Saint Lawrence Church in Weesp.

The restoration of the foundation is started: 130 steel piles are driven deep into the ground, 30,000 kilos of steel are braided and 300,000 liters of concrete are poured. The next step is to turn the hull into a brewery, with a jenever distillery, Grand Café and beer shop.

Become part of the Story

After five years of renovation, we can now welcome you to the Wispe Brewery and let you be part of our story.

Upon entering, visitors walk straight to the bar, which is placed like a contemporary altar in front of a light marble tap wall. Above the tap wall, the copper brewing kettles show off in the high room. The brewery exudes the atmosphere of the 1920s. The time that ended the rich brewing history of Weesp. Old traditions revive in the Wispe Brewery. Exactly what the brothers had in mind.

You can enjoy beautiful beers and good food in style in the Grand Café. Order a beer tasting, book a guided tour and experience the story of Wispe and the rich beer history of the city of Weesp.

The district Weesp

It was around the year 1150 that for the first time was being spoken of Wispe, the oldest name for Weesp. In the 17th century Weesp was one of the most important beer producers of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Due to the clean water from the river Vecht, Weesp could deliver beer of an excellent quality. Weesp supplied it’s beer particulary to the large ships of the United East Indian Company (VOC). Those Dutch merchant ships travelled around the world and so the beer from Weesp became well known around the world.

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Core Values



We are craft brewers who are proud of the beers we brew. We pay full attention to the entire process: from the hops we grow to a good glass of beer on your table.

Puur kernwaarde


Beer is a natural product, we brew it as pure as possible, organically and without additives. Our goal is to apply sustainability throughout the entire production process.

Traditie kernwaarde


The brewery is located in an old church where we revive the rich beer history of the Amsterdam district Weesp. We mainly brew traditional beers to which we give our own twist.

Our Team

When time is passing, the family grows. Together with our fantastic team, we brew and serve our beers in Weesp, a part of Amsterdam with a rich history of beer brewing. It is our staff which is the driving force behind Wispe.

We want to attract the best supporters for our beer. Passionate people, who are dedicated to quality. We all have our own special talent, that should bring out the best in yourselve. Show us your talent!

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